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This Saturday, August 8th, 8am-4pm, Council Bluffs Airport, WWII Fighters, Rides (See Club Events Tab)

WIN A GUNFIGHTER WWII P-51 RIDE--$50 RAFFLE TICKET (details under Club Events tab)

Provided by Larry Lumpkin Commemorative Air Force!

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2020 Calendar of Events

2020 Omahawks Event Schedule

Date                      Time                                      Event                                                                            Coordinator

June 22 START    Monday dusk-10:00pm  Night Flying w/LED lights:  Every Monday night                     Skippy 

July 25                   Saturday 11am-3pm          Multi-Wing Fun Fly                                                              Bob Wheeler


Aug 5                     Wed 9am-noon                Old Timers                                                                         Dennis

Aug 8,9                 Sat/Sun 8am-4pm            Pattern Contest           CANCELLED                                  Bob W., Robert G.

Aug 12  ??           Wed 830-1130                   Float Fly                                                                            Tom V & Ron P

Aug  15                 Sat 10am-3pm                  AMA Aviation Day                                                              TBD

Aug 19                  Wed 830-1130                   El Sailplanes                                                                     Dennis


Sept 7                   Mon                  Labor Day Extravaganza!  Cancelled                                             

Sept 12                 Sat 830-1130                       Float Fly                                                                          Tom V & Ron P

Sept 16                 Wed 830-1130                   El Sailplanes Lunch                                                           Dennis

Sept 23                 Wed 9am-noon                  Old Timers                                                                         Dennis

Oct 18                   Sun 10am-4pm                  Auction                                                                                Kevin



Monday nights: (April –October) Night flying—dusk until 10:30pm (LED lights required)  Starts once park hours return to normal

Thursday evenings: (April –September) Training 6pm to 8pm


More. On Wednesday mornings 9-10am, other than above, it is suggested some pilots also fly those Wednesdays, to insure that they will not be alone at the field for safety, etc…..


2019 - Tom V used his weed eater again to cut grass, etc east of the parking lot & around dock area for pit areas….. City provided picnic tables for Float Flys (when needed given 2-3 days notice via e-mail to City Maintenance Foreman II, Bill Andersen)….. To avoid conflict, a kayaking club was notified via e-mail ( or 402-660-4819) in Jan -Feb when the FFs were scheduled. The City Parks scheduler, Brenda Paul, was also notified then of the float flys.)


DB – Dec 16, 2019 (original)

RBS 7/23/2020 (update)

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