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Hawk Field

The Flying Field is NOW OPEN until 8:00 pm each day!  The new key lock is on the gate, please close it behind you.  No more than 10 people flying and in pavilion at a time, respect 6 foot social distancing.  Have Fun!!

(if you are a member and don't have a gate key, contact Kevin at

As of June 1st we can have 25 people at the field!

Runway grass edges mowed and smooth!  Grass mats removed from edges!

Check out the Fremont Swap meet under Club Events

Labor Day Air Show

The club's Annual Labor Day Airshow is where we get to display and fly all sorts of aircraft for the public to see. This airshow is a full day event and after 12pm, its non-stop flying fun for all in attendance. We also have several options for food and drinks as well as a good selection of prizes to be won through our ongoing raffle.

The Omahawks donates ALL proceeds received from this event to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Nebraska to help make some child's dream come true.


40th Year - Omahawks Make-A-Wish Air Show 2019

A lot of credit goes out to the whole club and other outside participants that made the 2019 Air Show a tremendous success.  We raised in excess of $4,000.00 for Make-A-Wish organization.  $90,000 in our 40 year history .  We should all be proud of this effort and our continuous yearly support of the Make-A-Wish Organization!

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