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Hawk Field

The Flying Field is NOW OPEN until 8:00 pm each day!  The new key lock is on the gate, please close it behind you.  No more than 10 people flying and in pavilion at a time, respect 6 foot social distancing.  Have Fun!!

(if you are a member and don't have a gate key, contact Kevin at

As of June 1st we can have 25 people at the field!

Runway grass edges mowed and smooth!  Grass mats removed from edges!

Check out the Fremont Swap meet under Club Events

Auction Info

Stay tuned for information on the 2020 auction!

In 2019 the Annual Omahawks RC Auction was held at the HobbyTown Hobbyplex located at 10020 Scott Circle, Omaha, NE. The 2019 information is below.

If you would like to pre-register your items for the auction, you can view the forms and instructions on our page here: Pre-Registration Info 

If your not planning on doing the Pre-Registration process, to aid in the speed of prepping your items for auction, if you use an address label to fill out the description of your item, you can then just stick this label onto your item card, eliminating the need to write it all out at the auction site.

The Doors will open at 7am for sellers to get their item's all put together and ready for sale. The bidding will start at 10am, and continue until all items have been sold.

Cash or Checks only, Credit cards will NOT be accepted this year.


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