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Hawk Field

Found: Turnigy Charger+ (Call Cole Meyo)

Combat Event this Saturday 11am to 2pm, Lunch included, RSVP To Joe

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(Thank you Steve Dostal for donations!)

Hawk Field Rules

Download Hawk Field Rules

In Effect and Updated on 5/29/2020.The Omahawks R/C Inc. and the City of Omaha Parks, Recreation and Public Property Department have established rules to govern all radio controlled model operations within Standing Bear Lake Recreation Area.

Each and every individual who operates radio controlled models within Standing Bear Lake Recreation Area must read, understand, and abide by the rules that govern the operation of radio controlled models within Standing Bear Lake.

Flying at Hawk Field and off of the lake at Standing Bear Lake Recreation Area is managed and operated by Omahawks R/C, Inc. for and on behalf of the City of Omaha. Omahawks R/C, Inc. is authorized to enforce these rules.

Rule 7 was club approved on 7/29/2016 to inform Board Members of injuries, flyaways, and other notable issues that could affect the club.

Several Rules were revised and approved by Club Membership on May 27th 2016. These revisions included provisions for 2.4 radios.

Rule 3 to be revised on June 26, 2020 by the board of directors to read as follows:  When a 72 mhz transmitter is in use, a Hawk Field field permit or valid AMA membership card must be on the appropriate frequency flag. All 72 mhz transmitters must be turned off at all times, unless posted on the required frequency flag.

Rule 9 & 10 to be added June 26 2020 to read: Airplane engines/motors must be turned off before crossing the safety fence line as the plane exits the runway.

Rule 10. FPV (First Person View) flying must comply with all AMA guidelines, including the use of a spotter

If you have any questions related to these rules, please contact the President of the Omahawks R/C Inc.

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