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Old Timer Airplane Event Wednesday 5/12, 9am- noon.  Lunch Available

Training/Guest night every Thursday, 6-8pm 
Check out the New Field Camera Link--Live view of the Field!

Congrats!  Omahawks is AMA's Club of the Month for March !

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Welcome to the Home of the Omahawks RC Club

Please check out How to Use Our Website (Click Here), the Field Camera, Club Calendar, Event Schedule, Photo Site and the Member Directory.


Omahawks RC Inc. welcomes you to enjoy the exciting hobby of radio controlled model aviation with us. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, our club members enjoy the fact we maintain one of the most prestigious radio controlled model aviation fields in the United States. In fact, the Omahawks R/C Club is Omaha’s premier radio controlled club and we are the largest AMA Chartered R/C club in the Midwest!

Regardless of your flying experience, we hope you will join the Omahawks and enjoy the hobby of model aviation with us!

Photo of Standing Bear Lake Recreation Area
Omaha, Nebraska
– A City of Omaha Park –  

September, 2019

Stop by and visit us at the field!

Turbine Operation

KBDI for Sarasota County

Click Here for Turbine Aircraft Fire Safety Rules and Myakka River District Map

Click here to visit the Florida Forest Service KBDI website